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  • Austin Carlile:

    Something/someone you would stand up for no matter what.

  • Vic Fuentes:

    Favorite mexican food.

  • Mitch Lucker:

    Someone you miss.

  • Hayley Williams:

    All the colors you have dyed your hair.

  • Alan Ashby:

    Cats or dogs?

  • Alex Gaskarth:

    Most inappropriate thing you normally say.

  • Jack Barakat:

    Last time you have had sex.

  • Danny Worsnop:

    Last time you went to a party.

  • Devin Oliver:

    Last time you smoked weed.

  • Beau Bokan:

    Favorite Starbucks drink.

  • Oli Sykes:

    Number of tattoos you have.

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